Time for education, bargaining, and action!


  • Educate yourself and your members about trans issues to help make your workplace safer and trans-inclusive. Invite a trans activist to speak to your local. Ask for union education courses and equality presentations in your region.
  • Check out the interviews with CUPE members Deidra Roberts and Martine Stonehouse in the Queer Story Archives at onmyplanet.ca
  • Read our new fact sheets on Pronouns and Allies on Gender Diversity, and share them with other members and your employer.
  • Ask for union education courses and equality presentations in your region.


Take action

  • Participate on November 20 Transgender Day of Remembrance events in your community.
  • Share information about your activities, including photographs, to promote solidarity and inspire others to take up the fight. Send information to equality@cupe.ca
  • Protest transphobic speakers and trans-exclusionary groupe, like Local 4948 did recently in Toronto.