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Bargaining beyond the binary: A negotiating guide for trans inclusion and gender diversity features examples of trans inclusive language from CUPE collective agreements that negotiating teams can use to develop their own proposals.

CUPE local executives and bargaining teams don’t have to wait until a Two-Spirit, trans or non-binary worker comes out or is hired to bargain trans inclusive language. Even locals that don’t have any trans members (that they know of) should ensure protections and supports are in place now, before gender diverse workers come out or enter the workplace.

Trans and gender diverse people are part of our union. We all have a responsibility to ensure our collective agreements support every worker and protect their rights. That means issues affecting trans and gender diverse members must be brought to the bargaining table.

The guide includes information on:

  • Important terms to understand.
  • Gender diversity and the workplace.
  • How to negotiate better working conditions for Two-Spirit, trans, non-binary and other gender diverse members.
  • Sample collective agreement language.
  • Resources on transitioning at work and other gender diversity workplace issues.

This guide is for all CUPE bargaining teams. It can help members who aren’t trans, and who are new to gender diversity, better understand issues affecting trans and gender diverse people at work. For bargaining teams that are familiar with gender diversity or have trans and gender diverse members, the guide offers ideas for translating trans advocacy to collective agreement language.

Much of the progress CUPE locals have achieved on gender diversity and trans inclusion is thanks to the tireless activism of Two-Spirit, trans, non-binary and gender diverse members. Bargaining beyond the binary is a new tool to keep building awareness and activism in our union.

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