Earth Day 2020: Time to heal ourselves and the planet

Understandably, much of the world’s attention right now is focused on the COVID-19 pandemic.

But we cannot forget the other crisis that is happening now: the climate crisis. Even as we are fighting this pandemic, let us also remember there is a lot of work needed to fight climate change, and to move our economy towards a greener, truly sustainable future. On both fronts, we need to fix the system. 

Coming out of this pandemic, many lessons can be learned. A global pandemic demands the same type of multi-level response that we also need to fight climate change: strong international commitments and coordination, decisive policy at the national level, and action at the local and community level.

The pandemic also shows that, in urgent times, we need to strengthen investments in public services. In the face of a major crisis, governments always find resources. This is what’s happening now. Public services offer economic and social strength and resiliency, especially in hard times. This same strategy must be applied to the climate crisis.

On this Earth Day, we need to heal ourselves and the planet.