Everyone needs to do their part to address the immense environmental challenges we all face. As a union, CUPE recognizes we also need to be part of the solution. Earth Day is an opportunity for us to focus our efforts on the climate crisis, plastic waste, loss of biodiversity, the need for clean and accessible fresh water for all, and other environmental issues.

CUPE recently updated its national environmental policy, Working Harmoniously on the Earth. Our policy calls on our union to take a leadership role pushing for a healthier, more equitable and sustainable planet. The policy highlights actions we can all take as workers and CUPE members to cut greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) that cause climate change. Our goal is to decarbonize our ways of working and living. Coming out of the pandemic, we must reassert our connection to nature and ensure we are responsible stewards of the natural world.

The national environmental policy is an important opportunity to turn words into actions. This Earth Day, we can:

  • Reduce travel and take some of our union meetings online.
  • Promote public transit and active transportation alternatives, and reduce travel by car. 
  • Work with members and employers to eliminate all plastic waste from our workplaces.
  • Talk to members about Just Transition strategies and how they can be used to create and retain meaningful work in a greener economy.
  • Partner with climate justice groups to pressure all levels of government to address the climate crisis in a way that benefit all working people, Indigenous and racialized communities.

This Earth Day, let’s turn words into actions.

Let us know about your local initiatives and success stories at: enviro@cupe.ca