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CALGARY – In a previous release, (October 24th) CUPE News reported to you about an entertainer, pulling a trailer, who twice attempted to run over picketers in an attempt to avoid waiting four minutes to get into Casino Calgary. Witnesses to the event reported him as ‘glassy eyed’ and ‘wired.’

Now we know who he is. Garth Darr is a drummer and local entertainer best known for his work with the Al Barrett band. Mr. Darr sent an angry email (see below) to CUPE about his actions that night. Please feel free to pass Mr. Darr’s name and picture around. Someone who crosses picket lines and put people’s lives in danger doesn’t deserve your business.

Everyone on the Casino Calgary picket line frequently deals with crazy situations. Nothing could illustrate that better than Mr. Darr’s email.

It is reprinted here without changes.


——Original Message——
From: Garth Darr [mailto:gdarr@telus.net]
Sent: October 29, 2005 12:15 PM
To: larab@cupe.ca
Subject: Website feedback re: Dude in the car and trailer


I am the ENTERTAINER AND DRUMMER in the car pulling the trailer!!!!! I will have you know that in fact I only by choice, did not call the police! But ONLY by restraint.

Coarse of which your associates could not. It never seizes to amaze me about how far some people will go when driven by the forces of GREED and DECEPTION!

Dare to get it right?

Or …are you afraid you can’t find support for your ungracious driven cause!

Please, why don’t you mention to the rest of your associates, that any monies that they MIGHT gain from this, will probably be past on to the greed that follows at dues collecting time top of the Union food chain! Author of the article, please put on your glasses if you have them, …….and read below;


hence… they gain NOTHING!

I hope you can read that; whom ever writes FALSELY against another and tells lies about his neighbor, is being a false witness. Why don’t you get both sides of the story before you write? Oh ya! ……I forgot….YOURE SOURCE IS BIAS! …. JUST LIKE THE ARTICLE READS. I really hope the members take off their blinders and see the light. If you don’t think you’re getting your dollars worth and the employer won’t give in, THEN why would you want to work for that employer anyway? Go seek out an employer who will pay!!

By the way, I will distribute this letter to as many members as I can. Since by your admission after all, THIS IS FREE SPEECH …you know!!