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CUPE 5404 members are intervenors at Sensity. They support hundreds of people who are deafblind across the province, with everyday activities like grocery shopping, cooking, and self care. They create the conditions for autonomy.

Despite the life-changing services these workers provide, they are not valued by their employer. Inflation reached more than 8% this year – but they’re only being offered a 1% raise. The price of food, gas, and mortgages are going up and these members are being told to make do with less.

These members can’t afford a pay cut. And they shouldn’t be forced to swallow one, especially when Sensity’s CEO – Cathy Proll – has seen her salary jump nearly 50% since these workers have last had a raise. While Cathy Proll rakes in nearly $190,000 a year while these workers are precarious, forced to fight for more hours with many earning less than $23 an hour.

We believe that an accessible and just society for all – including people who are deafblind – is worth more than $46,000 a year and that these critical workers deserve stable jobs. If you do too, send Sensity a message. Stand with the workers who are the eyes and ears of people who are deafblind.

Intervenors act as the eyes and ears of people who are deafblind every day – and now they need your help.

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