City of Kiev, UkraineCUPE extends our solidarity to the people of Ukraine, who are now living in fear of military violence and occupation after Russia attacked their country. We further extend solidarity to the people in the streets of Russia opposing this dangerous escalation of violence and act of war.

To health care and emergency service workers, journalists and all the workers who will continue to do their jobs despite the risk, we support you.

CUPE calls on the Canadian government to make every effort to de-escalate this situation. We support and encourage solutions leading to peace. Efforts to support people fleeing war and who want to come to Canada are critically important right now. These measures must be applied to all countries caught up in unjust wars and the suffering they bring.

CUPE solidarity extends beyond borders. We are committed to supporting the workers and people of Ukraine, and the anti-war activists in Russia, until a peaceful solution is realized.