During the course of negotiations of collective agreements in the Quebec public sector, the school support and college committees have just revised their demands.

This morning, the CUPE bargaining committee representing support employees in school service centres prioritized its demands to renew the collective agreement that expired on March 31, 2023.

In essence, the committee submitted to the employer a list of union demands that are no longer priorities. The purpose of this prioritization exercise was to speed up the pace of negotiations. The ultimate goal of the talks is to come up with joint solutions to resolve the problem of attracting and retaining school service centre personnel as soon as possible.

Moreover, the CUPE bargaining committee representing the college employees also went through this prioritization exercise last Friday, September 8.

Both committees reiterated that, during the process of renewing their collective agreements, they were hoping for active collaboration with the employers to make significant improvements to working conditions.

The committees believe that the scope of the labour shortage issue must prompt employers to become more attuned to the need to adapt to the new realities of the workplace.

it mener les employeurs à une prise de conscience quant à la nécessité de s’adapter aux nouvelles réalités du travail.