News that the Disabled Transportation Society (DTS) in Grande Prairie, AB will be limited to only essential services as early as Friday and may completely close in June is alarming to the union representing DTS drivers.

CUPE 787 President Randy Wald said that while he is concerned for his members, the bigger concern is for the disabled residents who depend on the service.

“Disabled residents of Grande Prairie depend upon this service to get around,” said Wald. “If the service is lost, the disabled will become trapped in their own homes, limiting their ability to participate in Grande Prairie’s active community.”

Wald believes the cancellation is a direct result of City neglect, pointing to a recent budget cut that left DTS without enough funds to operate. CUPE is calling on the City to either bring the service in house or increase funding to the operator immediately.

“The City needs to step up and make sure the disabled community don’t get left behind.”