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BECAUSE the government of Canada and the European Union have been negotiating a trade agreement known as the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (the “CETA”); and

BECAUSE the European Union and European corporations are insisting on full access to procurement by sub-national governments - including municipalities, school boards, universities, hospitals and other provincial agencies - which could significantly reduce or eliminate the right to specify local priorities when public money is invested in goods, services or capital projects; and

BECAUSE Canadian municipalities have expressed growing concerns with trade agreements and their potential impacts on municipal programs and services and local autonomy; and

BECAUSE unfettered access to Canadian municipal procurement by European corporations may encourage privatization and reduce economic development options for local communities; and

BECAUSEthe provincial and territorial governments have been actively involved in negotiating CETA with the European Union:

THEREFORE the [Name of Provincial or Territorial or Municipal Association]WILL REQUEST:

  • a briefing from the Province of ______________ on the scope and content of trade negotiations with the European Union;
  • the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to provide sector-by-sector analysis of the potential impacts on municipal functions and powers of the procurement regime that the European Union is seeking;
  • the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to urge the government of Canada not to provide the European Union with access to sub national government procurement; and
  • that the provincial government negotiate a clear, permanent exemption for local governments from CETA.