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The members of CUPE 4392 have seen their wages erode as the price of everything has gone up. They’ve made do with inadequate benefits in a physically demanding job. They’ve watched the frustrating regularity with which their employer leaves them stuck on shift for hours to cover staffing challenges.

Taking care of people’s physical needs and ensuring their emotional and intellectual health is meaningful, challenging work. These workers shouldn’t have to worry about their own health and well-being while doing it.

Raise your voice and make a difference for workers and the people they care for.

Together, we can ensure part time workers get fair sick time, that all employees get the benefits and wage improvements they need, and that the agency invests in improving service quality instead of forcing workers to work longer hours.

Send a message to the Board of Directors at Community Living Guelph Wellington. Tell them they need to properly fund services and treat workers with respect.  

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