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Privatization Watch - September 2008

Privatization creeps into Ontario social services

Sep 25, 2008 04:04 PM Privatization is creeping into Ontario’s social services behind the mask of “choice.”

“Building Canada” or tearing it down?

Building Canada - P3s are not the fix for Canada’s infrastructure deficit

Sep 12, 2008 10:55 AM Local infrastructure is falling apart, and our schools, hospitals, bridges, roads and water systems are in desperate need of an upgrade.

Private clinics, public problem

The Conservatives have encouraged the spread of private, for-profit clinics by failing to enforce the Canada Health Act and by using wait time “guarantees” as a ruse for outsourcing medically necessary procedures.

Sep 30, 2008 09:55 AM The Conservatives claim to be “improving Canada’s health care system to build a stronger, safer, better Canada.”

The real cost of contracting out

Vote for a government that will tackle hospital-acquired infections

Sep 16, 2008 09:36 AM Each year, one in nine Canadian hospital patients will acquire an infectious disease. It is estimated that 8,000 to 12,000 Canadians will die.

Protect health care from NAFTA

Wendy Boychuk, health care worker, CUPE 4980, Sunrise Health Division, Saskatchewan

Sep 18, 2008 09:34 AM A US businessman's lawsuit will tell whether NAFTA really does protect health care. If not, Canada's politicians better step up.

Board should learn from experience: P3 school model doesn’t work

Sep 26, 2008 12:37 PM If experience is the best teacher, the Saskatoon Public School Board should learn from others’ mistakes and not pursue the idea of a privately-owned and operated “public” school in the city, says CUPE Saskatchewan President Tom Graham.

Campus access to public water dwindles: study


Sep 2, 2008 09:08 AM Public water fountains are becoming an endangered species on university campuses across Canada, according to a new report.

Unison report exposes true cost of privatization in the UK

Sep 19, 2008 10:56 AM A new report exposes the huge risks and costs that come with privatization, Public-Private Partnerships and PFI schemes in Britain.