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Oxfam, CUPE team up to fight poverty

Oct 28, 2007 02:24 PM
Participants carry buckets of water to symbolize work many women and girls do in poor countries

Canada’s oldest university provided the backdrop for the launch of Oxfam Canada and CUPE’s ‘Public Services - For all - Fight Poverty’ campaign on Oct. 27 in Halifax.

Oxfam supporters and students at the University of King’s College carried 10-litre buckets of water around a parking lot to symbolize the daily struggle faced by women and girls around the world who must walk up to six km to find clean water for their families and communities.

"This is not a drama," Joyce Mwangi from Kenya told participant. "This is a very real struggle for women of my country." Mwangi works with women in rural communities.

Oxfam and CUPE are working together in Canada and around the world to ensure that everyone has access to basic human rights like clean water, working toilets, classrooms with teachers and clinics with nurses to empower their lives – especially women and girls.


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