The ten inside and outside workers employed by the small Municipality of Chute-Saint-Philippe, in the Laurentian administrative region, have a new collective agreement. The previous contract expired on December 31, 2023.

This new five-year contract calls for overall wage increases of 17% and contains several other improvements to working conditions.

Although the parties did meet several times, progress at the bargaining table was slow in coming. However, a Ministry of Labour conciliator assigned to the case did manage to bring talks to a successful conclusion.

“Nonetheless, discussions did take place in a respectful atmosphere. With this new contract, the inside and outside workers will be able to continue providing quality services to the public,” said Miguel Grenier, president of CUPE 2609.

“By obtaining gains on wages and non-monetary items, we managed to improve our members’ working conditions. This wouldn’t have been possible without their solidarity. Moreover, I’d like to take this opportunity to salute the unflagging support of members of the local and the GM of the Municipality during the Morier dike crisis,” said CUPE representative Roger Bazinet.

Last December, erosion inside the Morier dike at the Kiamika reservoir forced the evacuation of hundreds of residents in the municipalities of Chute-Saint-Philippe and Lac-des-Écorces. The evacuation orders were lifted once the emergency work was completed.