Workers at Egale Canada Human Rights Trust, the country’s leading LGBTQI2S rights organization voted today to join the CUPE.

“Advocacy work can be all-consuming, so it’s important that workers have a team that advocates for them as well. Today, workers at Egale who give so much of themselves to advancing LGBTQI2S rights voted to give themselves that support by joining CUPE,” said Kristy Davidson, a CUPE national representative who has been working with the group.

CUPE has a long and proud history of advocating for human rights. Through collective bargaining and legal action, CUPE and its staff triggered changes at the federal level that now provide same-sex spousal benefits. The union also supported a human rights case that led to gender reassignment surgery being restored to Ontario’s provincial health insurance. And CUPE has partnered with Egale and researchers at Carleton University in Ottawa on a study focused on improving safety and accessibility of services for LGBTQI2S seniors.

“We’re thrilled to welcome these workers who want to improve their workplace and contribute to the future of Egale, and know their dedication and voices will also strengthen our union,” said Davidson.