WEb banner. Text: Win for acute care workers in Nova Scotia; Keep good jobs and public services in our communities. Image: hand cutting piece of paper that says Jobs.

Congratulations to the members of CUPE 8920, acute care workers in Nova Scotia!

On January 22, Nova Scotia Health informed CUPE and NSGEU that they will not be contracting out the work of hospital employees in Health Information Services to a private company, as previously announced.

Shortly before Christmas, Nova Scotia Health revealed their plans to contract out the work done by 91 hospital employees to Iron Mountain. They work in Health Information Services, scanning and archiving medical records. As soon as CUPE and NSGEU learned of the threat of losing these jobs, the two unions mobilized to protect the jobs of our members.

“We are proud of the work we have done jointly with CUPE Nova Scotia and NSGEU on your behalf. This is work we couldn’t have accomplished without your assistance and expertise in the service,” said Bev Strachan, President of CUPE 8920.

Eighty-four of the workers who would have lost their jobs are women and most work in rural parts of the province.

“Whenever we keep work ‘public’ Nova Scotians are better served,” said CUPE Nova Scotia President Nan McFadgen. “It is nice to see those who do the work behind the scenes in our health care system win the fight for their work!”

“You put forward the effort to ensure your voice was heard in the process. I know you have been under extreme stress and experiencing strong emotions in relation to the uncertainty of not knowing what options would be available to you and caring so deeply of what impact would occur to the work you do with pride to support patient care,” said Strachan.