On behalf of the 10,000 flight attendants that CUPE represents, we sent out a questionnaire to federal political parties in order to learn more about their positions on various issues that have an impact on these members’ working conditions as well as on airline safety and security. You can find the questions we sent out below. We’ll make sure to keep you informed as soon as we get their responses (in a few weeks) so that both flight attendants and airline passengers can cast an informed ballot on October 19th.

A safe number of flight attendants on board

Would you support scrapping the new 1:50 regulation, and returning to the safety-proven 1:40 ratio?

Stronger health and safety protection

Would you support scrapping Bill C-4 and strengthening health and safety regulations for all federal employees?

Air quality on board

Do you support measures to ensure air quality is monitored, and a healthy air supply is maintained?

Retirement security for flight attendants

Would you support legislation to protect and extend defined benefit plans, and expand the CPP?

Affordable childcare for Canadian workers

Do you support a publicly funded, national child-care program?

Respects for workers’ rights

Would you support the scrapping of Bill C-525, and commit to defending the right to free collective bargaining without interference?