CUPE members bravely answered the call on the front lines of the response to COVID-19. But the pandemic showed us just how far we have to go to deliver better care to those who need it. In this election, better care for all is on the ballot.

Long-term care

Long-term care in Canada was in a crisis before COVID-19 – and the pandemic pulled back the curtain on just how bad things were for residents and workers alike. Long-term care is health care – and in Canada, there should be no place for greed and profiteering in our health care system. It’s been almost a year since the Trudeau Liberals promised to fix long-term care, and nothing has changed. The Liberals have completely failed to act. It’s time to bring long-term care under the Canada Health Act, making it a publicly funded and delivered health care service accessible to everyone. Residents should be guaranteed a minimum of 4.1 hours of care per day, and workers should be guaranteed a secure job and a livable wage. In this election, let’s vote to fix long-term care.

Child care

Our economy doesn’t work without quality, affordable, accessible child care. The pandemic made that clear. We know that public investment in child care isn’t just good for kids – it also advances women’s economic participation, and creates jobs and grows the economy. The BC NDP government recently signed a landmark agreement with the federal government to move forward with $10-a-day child care across the province – clear proof of the progress we can make with NDP governments in office. In this election, let’s vote for affordable, quality, accessible child care and good-paying, secure jobs for child care workers.


Millions of Canadians have no prescription drug coverage, and one in ten people in Canada can’t afford their medication at all. But despite decades of studies and repeated election promises, the Trudeau Liberals have consistently stood in the way of enacting a national pharmacare program since taking office in 2015. A national, universal pharmacare plan is the only way to ensure equitable access to essential medications for all Canadians, while also lowering the cost of drugs for families, workers, governments, and employers. This election, let’s vote to make a national pharmacare program a reality.