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(Halifax) The only way the strike by employees of the Halifax Rehab Centre is going be resolved is if Peter Christie sends a representative to the bargaining table.

That frank assessment comes today from CUPE National Representative Linda Thurston-Neeley who says, The minister of Community and Social Services is the only person who can end this strike. Our employer has even told us that they cant do a thing to resolve the main issue unless they get direction from their funder and thats the province.

This weekend, the Centres Board Chairman, Ron Cooper, tried to backtrack on a statement he made in a TV report late last week that the workers were being treated unfairly by the province. Says Thurston-Neeley, Obviously somebody in power got to Mr. Cooper and this simply shows the lengths to which this provincial government is prepared to go, to avoid its obligations to these workers.

The Rehab Centre employees have set up an information picket in front of Minister Christies Bedford constituency office this morning. Theyre holding a 20-foot banner that says, Peter ChristieWhere are you?

The main issue in the strike is severance pay for dozens of workers who have lost their jobs at the Centre.

For information:

Linda Clancy , CUPE National Representative
(902) 455-4180 (o) - (902) 452-9979 (Cell)
John McCracken, CUPE Communications Representative
(902) 455-4180 (o) - (902) 222-8457 (Cell)