Libraries are a great equalizer because they make knowledge, learning, and education resources accessible to everyone at no cost. And they are inclusive spaces that provide a welcoming and safe environment.

Library workers are skilled professionals who offer answers, advice, and help. They provide high-quality services, from teaching literacy skills and how to perform job searches to assisting people navigating the digital world.

For Canadian Library Month, show your support for CUPE library workers and their critical role in empowering our communities and helping them thrive!

Sign the pledge to help strengthen library services and to improve library work.

We need to fight for libraries and library workers because:

  • Libraries are underfunded while offering more programs to make up for cuts to social services.
  • There’s a growing trend towards staffless libraries, which means fewer programs for the public, fewer jobs, and increased risks to patron safety.
  • Library workers often go beyond their duties, assisting patrons experiencing mental health crises and other medical emergencies.
  • Stronger health and safety measures are needed to protect library workers against rising levels of violence and harassment.

Join our campaign to demand that employers and governments adequately fund and protect library services and workers.

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