Election Day is October 21 and it’s just around the corner. If we work together, we can elect a government that will put of the priorities of everyday people at the centre of their decision-making. There is only one party that stands with Canadian workers – the NDP. Your local NDP candidate needs your help. Check out some of the ways you and your members can pitch in.  

Host a “Meet the Candidate” meeting or invite the candidate to a General Membership Meeting

A big piece of the puzzle is creating the space for your members to get to know the candidate. Reach out to the candidate’s campaign to book a time that works with their schedule and for your members. Then, get promoting:

  • Put up posters
  • Create a Facebook event
  • Send out an email
  • Talk to your members and invite them to the meeting

At the meeting, provide a space for the candidate to introduce themselves and speak about the issues that matter to them in this election. Help distribute their materials, and recruit volunteers. Leaving time for questions is important, and having members think of some questions beforehand is a great way to spark a good conversation.

Organize a member canvass with the candidate

A door-to-door canvass is always a fun way to get members involved in the political process. With a little encouragement and some basic training, members can quickly become star canvassers. It may sound daunting, but canvassing is really as simple as having conversations with people, something our members do all the time. Make sure to let the candidate’s campaign know when you’ll be coming, and how many volunteers are coming with you, so they can be prepared.

Don’t know who your local candidate is? Just head on over to ndp.ca/candidates, pop in your postal code in the search bar and you’ll quickly find out. You can then click through to their campaign website to reach out to them via email or social media.