In light of the disastrous revelations in the Saguenay Auditor General`s report, the union representing Saguenay bus drivers (CUPE 3124) is pleased to see it is no longer alone in condemning the numerous instances of mismanagement in the Société de transport du Saguenay (STS), as it has been sounding the alarm for several years now.

“Two years ago, we submitted a petition signed by 80 per cent of STS drivers to its Board of Directors to condemn the mismanagement of the company. In our petition, we raised several of the same points the Auditor General did. Unfortunately, the STS Board didn’t bother responding to us. This was unfortunate,” said José Lopez, president of CUPE 3124.

The Auditor General issued 70 recommendations in her 155-page report. She suggested that an action plan be developed in very short order, because the STS has no development plan setting out its objectives, priorities and expected results.

“STS management has no vision. No investments to benefit ridership have been made for years. To keep its clientele, the STS must innovate, not just cut. Public transit is the way of the future. Let`s hope the Auditor General’s report will provide the needed jolt to straighten out the situation,” added Lopez.

The STS has a $25-million budget.

“Who’s going to take the responsibility for assuring Saguenay residents they’ll be getting the public transit service that effectively meets their needs? Turnover at the management level has raised several eyebrows among us. Staff relations are non-existent,” said CUPE union representative Anny Gilbert.