The Saskatchewan government’s plan for K-12 education is harmful to our children and our schools.

In April, the Government of Saskatchewan introduced Bill 63, which amends The Education Act to give the Minister of Education more power and reduce the autonomy of school divisions.

This Bill effectively removes the ability of locally elected school boards and educators to make decisions about education, and it places all decision making power in the hands of the Ministry of Education.

This legislation flies in the face of the public response to Perrins’ report, which saw overwhelming support for the idea of locally elected trustee decision making.

This Bill comes on the heels of a provincial budget cut of $54 million from school divisions’ operating funds and demands that the divisions roll back workers’ wages by 3.5 per cent.

The provincial government is forcing school divisions to make tough decisions. Many divisions have no choice but to consider layoffs and programs cuts.

A decrease in support staff will diminish the quality of education for all students.  Students who require additional support will struggle in school if they don’t have access to the support.

It is clear that the Sask Party plan for education is leaving our children behind. Take action today. Send a letter to your MLA and the Minister of Education, Don Morgan.