Hydro-Québec unions affiliated with CUPE are dismayed after learning about the upcoming departure of Sophie Brochu, President and CEO of Hydro-Québec.

“We are concerned by the impact this departure could have on the negotiations for the renewal of the collective agreement affecting more than 15,000 employees of this important Crown corporation. We look forward to seeing the reaction of Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon, who is responsible for Hydro-Québec,” says Dominic Champagne, President of the energy Sector at CUPE.

Sophie Brochu’s departure after only three years in office raises fears that political influence may have played a role in her decision.

“A period of instability may follow, and that should worry all Quebeckers. Hydro-Québec is a key company for the province. We saw it during the holiday season with the staggering number of outages that affected the entire population,” says Patrick Gloutney, President of CUPE Québec.