Thursday is National School Support Staff Day in Quebec, an annual tradition that shines the spotlight on employees who often toil behind the scenes in our schools.

CUPE Quebec would like to take this opportunity to salute the contribution of more than 7,500 of its members, who work in about fifteen school service centres and in four job categories; administrative support, maintenance support, special education and daycare services.

“You represent an indispensable link in the operation of our school system. Your work is essential to the success of our students. Today, we wish to thank you very much for what you do,”  said CUPE Quebec President Patrick Gloutney.

Support staff perform behind the scenes a multitude of tasks that are essential to educational activities, the cleanliness and neatness of the premises and the administration of the school.

“The pandemic and the labour shortage drove home to us just how important your work is. However, your contribution is not always given the recognition it deserves,” said Richard Delisle, president of the CUPE Conseil provincial du soutien scolaire.