The unions representing blue-collar workers, school crossing guards and the aquatic sector workers employed by the city wish to extend a huge thank you to mayor Bruno Marchand for a video he put out, asking that municipal workers be shown respect.

“We feel like we’re being listened to!  There’s a real employee harassment problem out there, which is featured in the video, and the mayor describes a hideous reality we need to call out in order to take corrective action,” declared in unison the presidents of CUPE affiliated unions Luc Boissonneault (blue collars – CUPE 1638); Louise Nadeau (school crossing guards – CUPE 1179) and Lyne Martineau (aquatic sector – CUPE 4528).

By taking this gesture, the City’s aim is to urge the public to show courtesy and respect to municipal personnel. This appeal for tolerance comes at a time when employees are exposed to boorishness, incivility, harassment and even violence in the worst of cases.

In this video the mayor and the Vice-Chair of the Executive Committee Responsible for Labour Relations  have laid it out there for all citizens to see the reality that some employees experience day in and day out.