Discussions about the economy shouldn’t be dominated by banks and corporations. Join the conversation about how the economy can work for Canadian workers, our families, and our communities.

CUPE’s Popular Economics videos shed light on basic economic issues, and how they affect all of us.

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Part 1: Workers and the economy

Don’t believe the hype! Despite what politicians backed by banks and corporations spread through the media, workers aren’t the problem in today’s economy. They’re what drives it. Understand how corporate interests have tipped the economic scale in their favour, and how workers can tip it back in favour of working families and communities.

Part 2: Fair taxes

Canadian governments have been lowering corporate taxes for years, reducing government revenues by tens of billions. While corporations sit on huge cash reserves, governments go deeper into debt, and have to cut vital public services. Fairer taxes could help restore the imbalance.

Part 3: Protecting public services

From community centres to schools, hospitals and lots in between, public services are safe, effective, and accountable. Private, for-profit services are more expensive and less reliable. And charging more for services hurts the people who need them most. Let’s keep public services public. 

Part 4: Unions and fairness

Unions are the secret weapon that makes the economy stronger. The benefits unions achieve raise the standard for all workers. Many of the most competitive economies in the world are the most unionized. Strong unions mean a fairer economy for all workers.

Part 5: Together, for a stronger economy

Let’s build an economy that works for everyone. Together, we can elect people who believe in a fair economy, make taxes fair, and invest in public services. A strong economy is a fair economy.

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