CUPE is a founding partner of the NDP, and had always been a strong supporter of the Party. Working closely with the NDP has enabled CUPE members from coast to coast to coast to have a voice in Canadian politics.

CUPE works hard to ensure that our valuable relationship with the NDP continues. The more CUPE activists we have taking on leadership roles within the Party, the stronger we are on behalf of our members.

If you are not already a member of the Party, the first step is to join your provincial and federal NDP. As a member of the Party, you can participate in your riding association, vote on policy, and run for office.

Joining the NDP is easy

Join the Federal NDP first, and then choose your province underneath to join your provincial NDP. And remember that all donations and membership fees are eligible for tax credits.

Please note that in Quebec, we follow the lead of the FTQ and CUPE Quebec regarding support for political parties.

Already an NDP member?

If you’re already a member of your provincial and federal NDP - or if you’ve just signed up - CUPE would like you to sign up for our political action mailing list.

This would allow CUPE to:

  • Alert you to elections and NDP activities in your area
  • Contact you about volunteering for the NDP and CUPE during election campaigns
  • Enter you in a database of activists who may be called upon for training as campaign organizers
  • Identify CUPE members who can participate in NDP conventions and policy-setting meetings

Is your local affiliated with the NDP?

As well as individual memberships, the Federal NDP and most Provincial parties have affiliate memberships where your local can become a member. Depending on your province’s election financing rules, there may be a nominal yearly fee.

Affiliation means that CUPE’s voice is heard at the policy setting levels of the NDP. Your local will also get delegate status at NPD meetings and conventions and will have the right to submit resolutions, with both voice and vote.

CUPE has a leadership role in Canadian politics and affiliation with the NDP will provide that platform.