When Ontario should be making historic investments in our public services, reports show that it’s actually spent less per person than any other province in 2020, says CUPE Ontario.

“We were undeniably unprepared for this unprecedented health crisis because governments, culminating in the Ford Conservatives, failed to spend on the public services that are known to keep us safe. Public services save lives,” said Fred Hahn, President of CUPE Ontario. “It’s long past time to collect the revenue, end the corporate handouts and electric subsidies, institute a wealth tax, and make historic investments in our public services.”

The Financial Accountability Office (FAO) of Ontario’s report, released today, revealed that in addition to Ontario spending less per person than any other province in 2020, it spent the least on health care, and collected the second lowest total revenue per person among the provinces.

Additionally, including the FAO’s latest report comparing spending for 2020/21, Ontario has spent either the least or second least per person in every year since 2011.

“We need to invest in our communities to see us through yet another wave and to shore up our defences for the future, strengthen workers’ rights, raise wages and tackle the cost of living, and fight inequality and the climate emergency,” said Hahn.