NGO CSW/NY is committed to enabling events at which everyone can participate in an inclusive, respectful and safe environment.

NGO CSW/NY events are guided by the highest ethical and professional standards, and all participants are expected to behave with integrity and respect towards all participants attending or involved with any NGO CSW/NY event. We are also guided by NGO CSW/NY’s Values and Working Agreements.


The Code of Conduct applies to any NGO CSW/NY event, including meetings, parallel events, consultation days, conversation circles spaces, workshops, trainings, receptions, rallies, marches and any forum organized, hosted or sponsored in whole or in part by NGO CSW/NY wherever it takes place.

The Code of Conduct applied to all participants at a NGO CSW/NY event, including all persons attending or involved in any capacity in a NGO CSW/NY event.

The Code of Conduct is not legal or prescriptive in nature. It supplements, and does not affect, the application of other relevant policies, regulations, rules and laws, including United States and New York laws as well as laws regulating the premises in which the NGO CSW/NY event takes place.

Prohibited Conduct

Harassment, defined as any improper or unwelcome conduct that might reasonably be expected or be perceived to cause offence or humiliation to another person. Harassment in any form because of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, physical ability, physical appearance, ethnicity, race, national origin, political affiliation, age, religion or any other reason is prohibited at any NGO CSW/NY event. This includes all online or any other electronic harassment and/or bullying.

Sexual harassment is any unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature that might reasonably be expected or be perceived to cause offense or humiliation. This may involve any conduct of a verbal, nonverbal or physical nature, including written and electronic communications, and may occur between persons of the same or different genders.

Discrimination, and any form of abuse of any participant is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Action that involves the use or threat of physical force or destruction of property, is strictly prohibited.

Complaint Process

The safety and wellbeing of all participants is important. Any participant who has witnessed or experienced any action or behavior in violation of these principles is encouraged to report them to a

NGO CSW/NY staff member or Executive Committee member, or anonymously at info@ngocsw.org by email. NGO CSW/NY will respond as quickly as possible to all reported violations and take appropriate actions.