National Executive Board
December 16-17, 2015

CUPE will:

  • Lobby the federal government to make sure that the $3 billion that they have promised to invest in more and better home care is invested into a national home care program that is fully integrated with the public health care system delivered by the not-for profit public system with national standards for care;
  • Map organizing opportunities in the home care sector and follow through with organizing drives;
  • Where possible, coordinate bargaining with the goal of achieving full-time permanent work paying good wages and providing health care benefits.


  • The current system of home care is a patchwork of provincial programs delivered by a combination of the for-profit sector and the non-profit sector;
  • Approximately only 25 per cent of home care workers are organized in Canada;
  • Home care workers are the least paid of health care workers and have the most precarious working conditions of health care workers;
  • Terms and conditions of employment for the non-unionized home care providers negatively impact upon those who are unionized.