National Executive Board Meeting
September 20-22

Resolution​ of CUPE’s National Executive Board

Re: Post-Secondary Education


  • Support the Canadian Federation of Students’ call for public, high-quality, post-secondary education that is accessible by all Canadians.
  • Endorse the CFS National Day of Action, November 2, 2016.
  • Encourage our members on university and college campuses to participate in campus activities on that day.


  • Canada’s system of public post-secondary education has seen public funding deteriorate to the point where many universities receive less than half of their funding from government sources.
  • This erosion of public funding has led to colleges and universities cutting programs
    and entering into more corporate partnerships.
  • The increased corporatization of our public institutions is negatively impacting the quality of education.
  • Sixty per cent of post-secondary students come from high-income households, and the high cost of post-secondary education is increasingly a barrier to access for those from the middle and working class.
  • CUPE has more than 65,000 members working in post-secondary education; many
    of these members are also students.
  • When workers stand in solidarity with students, we are a stronger force against attacks
    on our public institutions, and better able to protect the quality and accessibility of
    post-secondary education.