CUPE’s National Strike Fund ensures that every CUPE member and local – whether on strike or locked out, or facing a strike or lock out – has the union’s full backing. The Fund provides strike pay as well as funding for campaigns to pressure employers to avert or end a strike or lock out.

The National Strike Fund is funded by allocating six cents from every dollar raised through the CUPE National per capita tax.

In recent years, faced with more strikes, longer strikes and larger strikes, two additional levies have been put in place, the special levy and the solidarity levy. These levies are helping to build up the National Strike Fund, ensuring that every CUPE member can count on strike pay when they are forced to walk the line to get the wages, working conditions and respect they deserve.

The process for applying for a strike averting campaign is as follows:

  • Authority for the approval of strike averting campaigns rests with the National Officers.
  • Requests for strike averting campaigns will be submitted to the Director of the Communications Branch and the Regional Director who will forward the request with their recommendation to the National Secretary-Treasurer, with a copy to the National President and the Division President.
  • Applications will be submitted in the format provided for strike averting campaigns.
  • Applications will be prepared by a Communications Representative in consultation with the Local president and the CUPE National Representative.
  • Applications will be approved by the National Officers or their designates.

Requests for strike averting campaigns should include answers to the following questions. Copies of this form can also be obtained from a Communications Representative.

Other strike related forms can be found here