Dear Sisters and Brothers:

Since our March meeting, I have had the pleasure to attend another seven provincial division conventions and a number of sectoral and local meetings from coast to coast.

I knew, before I took on the role of National President, that each of our regions and sectors were somewhat unique. But it wasn’t until I had the opportunity to participate in these provincial conventions that I came to appreciate those differences.

And yet, despite those differences, there are strong similarities. At each convention, I saw our members showing respect for each other and our staff. I heard discussions and debates on some of the key issues facing our union: on pensions and benefits; on the growth of precarious jobs and working conditions; on the fight against austerity measures imposed or threatened by all levels of government; on the need to address inequality and inequities in our workplaces and our communities; on the desire to organize.

I want to thank our provincial and local leaders, and all of our members for the warm reception I received at each stop, and for the passion and commitment they showed at each of these meetings, to CUPE and to our common goals.