In Memory

The National Executive Board (NEB) observed a minute of silence to reflect upon the loss of members in our CUPE family. Remembered were: Brother Danny Vincent, Local 963; Brother Connor O’Callaghan, Local 3903; Sister Tammy Rosko, Local 796; Brother Connor Colton, Local 402; Brother Dane Gibson, Local 1858; Sister Carmen Rogers, HEU; and Brother Petrus Mashisi, Founding President of the South African Municipal Workers’ Union.

NEB Resolution – National Pharmacare Program

With the federal government’s Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare conducting consultations and eventually reporting to the health and finance ministers in the spring, and with a federal election planned for October 2019, the NEB reviewed our existing policy on Pharmacare.

By resolution, they confirmed CUPE’s commitment to a national Pharmacare plan that is enshrined in legislation and provides comprehensive coverage for prescription medications for everyone. The plan should be publicly administered, funded by a single payer with the federal government covering at least 50% of the cost, and delivered by an independent agency. CUPE will also continue our work with allies to promote such a plan. See the full resolution at

Task Force on Staffing

The NEB reviewed and adopted the final report of the Task Force on Staffing, as committed to at our last National Convention. The report provides the opportunity for a series of initiatives and projects to move the recommendations forward.

The mandate of the Taskforce was considerable and recommendations were adopted on the issues as follows:

  • Analysis of the new realities facing CUPE locals and chartered bodies, including increasingly centralized bargaining structures across the country;
  • Review of current staffing allocations and recommendations for the future;
  • Recommendation for updated servicing approaches to meeting the current needs of our locals.

This report is intended to be a catalyst for discussion and collaboration across the country on how we implement the recommendations in the months and years ahead.

Trustees’ report

Our three national trustees, Luc Cyr from Ontario, Karen Ranalletta from BC, and Christian Trudeau from Québec, presented their findings for the year 2017. The trustees found the books to be in excellent order. They congratulated Brother Fleury for his work over the past year and thanked staff for their assistance.

Humanitarian Support

The NEB approved a special contribution of $20,000 to the British Columbia Wildfire Fund, to support families impacted by the wildfires that burned across the province
this summer.

Financial Support 

The National Executive Board approved 22 cost-share campaign requests, totalling $881,905.31 and 13 requests for legal and arbitration support, totalling $528,373.07.