Our National Executive Board met on June 18-19, 2014 in Ottawa.  These are the highlights of their deliberations and decisions.

In Memory

The National Executive Board observed a minute of silence to reflect upon the loss of members of our CUPE family and workers killed on the job. Remembered were: Sister Bev Lapointe, past president of Local 339; Brother Peter Mathews, past executive member, Local 50; Sister Linda McCourt, Local 606; Brother Mohamoud Abdulle,

Local 2195; Sister Margaret Barclay, COPE retiree, Kingston Area Office; Brother

Roger Neeley, retired Regional Director, Ontario; RCMP Constable David Joseph Ross, Moncton; RCMP Constable Fabrice Georges Gevaudan, Moncton; RCMP Constable Douglas James Larche, Moncton; 300 Turkish miners; and Brother Lynn Williams, retired USW president.   

NEB Resolution Promoting Labour Day

The Board passed a resolution to support Labour Day festivities across Canada.

In order to effectively fight back against the attacks on labour rights and collective bargaining, the union movement needs to increase its public appeal and strengthen its connection to rank and file members.  Labour Day celebrations are an important part of Labour’s public face and public outreach.  The resolution passed by the Board will see CUPE work closely with the CLC, labour councils and all affiliated unions to reignite the importance of Labour Day as a celebration of working people, the contribution we make in our communities and the gains made by the union movement for all working people in Canada.  Each region will have access to resources including a member organizer if needed to organize and promote Labour Day celebrations.  Information on Labour Day events will be sent to all CUPE Locals in the coming weeks.  Look for more information at cupe.ca.      

Financial Statements

The National Executive Board approved the audited financial statements for 2013 prepared by Deloitte Canada.  The statements will be sent to all Locals and posted to the CUPE website once CUPE Locals have received them.   

Financial Support  

The National Executive Board approved 23 cost-share campaign requests, totaling $952,633.90.  Seven requests for legal and arbitration support were approved, totaling $65,461.20.

NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair

The Board received federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair on Wednesday June 19th.  The leader spoke to the Board about current policy issues such as the changes to the elections act under the Conservative government that will put restrictions on voting accessibility and political activity, and the Northern Gateway pipeline as well as working closely with CUPE as we prepare for the 2015 election.  Mulcair listened to Board members as they spoke about the issues CUPE members need to see the NDP work on in the lead up to the election. 

Staff Appointments

The Board ratified the appointments of Sister Debra Grimaldi, Regional Director, Maritimes; Brother Carl Dubé, Executive Assistant, National President’s Office; and Sister Anne Healy, Executive Assistant, National Secretary-Treasurer’s Office.  They joined with staff in the national office to wish a fond farewell to retiring Executive Assistants, Sylvain Blanchette (NPO) and Pat Daley (NSTO).

On behalf of the National Executive Board, we wish all CUPE members a safe and enjoyable summer!