Naomi KleinIt’s time to leap.

Bestselling author, columnist and activist Naomi Klein used her keynote speech to argue that “now is the time for boldness. Now is the time to leap.”

Klein, author of No Logo, The Shock Doctrine and most recently This Changes Everything, told delegates the ‘leap’ she is referring to is the Leap Manifesto—a document that calls on Canada to act decisively to transition from a fossil fuel-based economy to a pollution-free economy.

Launched in September, the Leap Manifesto brings together environmentalists, civil society groups such as unions and indigenous peoples with a goal of confronting the causes of global warming and global inequality.

“It is our moral obligation not to leave the terrain of crisis,” to the current corporate elite that have used tragedies of their own making—such as hurricane Katrina—to advance their own narrow interests.

The Leap Manifesto also calls for the transformation of the current system of inequality to one where the most vital sectors of the economy are controlled by citizens, not corporations.

Klein paid particular tribute to outgoing CUPE National President Paul Moist for supporting the Leap Manifesto right from the beginning.

“You saw that this was good for your members and good for Canada and you stuck your neck out and now more than a hundred organizations have since signed on too,” said Klein, adding, “That’s leadership.”

Moist, thanking Klein for making the time to address delegates, canvassed the convention floor to see whether they were prepared to join in the Leap.

Delegates roared their agreement.