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1 week
Bargaining Program
This workshop uses an intensive roleplay to help union activists develop the skills they need to build and maintain solidarity throughout the bargaining process. Discussions include analyzing internal and external forces that influence collective bargaining, identifying effective strategies and tactics for engaging members, and thinking about ways to reach marginalized members.

NOTE: This workshop is for activists who want to learn how to use collective bargaining to build union power. This is not a “learn how to bargain” workshop.
1 week
This course provides leaders and activists with the opportunity to develop the skills and perspectives we need to build a stronger, more inclusive union.

Employers use racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and discrimination against people with disabilities to divide us as workers. We’ll focus on the role the union can and does play in advancing equality and challenging employers.

This course is not about the Human Rights Code
1 week
Unions have led the charge for shorter work weeks, health and safety legislation, collective bargaining rights, benefit and pension programs, and much more. Now unions are under attack.
In this workshop, we will explore:
• the history of unions in Canada and key moments in CUPE’s 50 year history;
• why unions are under attack;
• who benefits when workers’ rights are weakened;
• what we can learn from our history to help us move forward and build our power at the bargaining table and in the political arena.
1 week
How do we create a welcoming, inclusive, and discrimination-free environment for Indigenous members in the workplace and in the union?
In this workshop you will:
• identify the injustices that Indigenous people have faced and still face today;
• learn how Indigenous peoples have resisted injustice, including the Idle No More movement;
• analyze why oppression of Indigenous peoples continues today;
• strategize actions we can take as allies to support justice for Indigenous peoples.
1 week
Half the population will experience a mental health problem over their lifetime. And 20% of us are dealing with mental illness on any given day. Mental health issues touch every one of us directly or indirectly. What does this mean for us as workers? What about in our role as union activists? What are our duties and responsibilities? How can we support members who may be dealing with mental illness? This workshop will help answer these questions and more.
1 week
Conflict is a natural part of our lives. Learning to handle it well improves relationships at work and in the union..
In this workshop, you will:
• deepen your understanding of conflict;
• strengthen your communication skills;
• practice responding to conflict.
1 week
Pensions are our deferred wages. That’s what makes them a union issue – whether you’re trying to get a workplace pension for your members or are trying to protect the one you have.
In this workshop, you’ll learn about:
• Government pensions – the Canada Pension Plan, the Old Age Security Program and the Guaranteed Income Supplement;
• The different kinds of workplace plans and why some are better than others;
• The attacks on workers’ pensions – and how we can fight back as union members.

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