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October 24 - 25, 2019



Workshops offered are:
- Challenging Racism in the Workplace
- Challenging Sexism in the Workplace
- Representing Gender and Sexually Diverse Members

Prerequisite: Introduction to Stewarding

SLS - Challenging racism in the workplace
Oct 24, 2019 (9:00am-4:00pm)
Oct 25, 2019 (9:00am-1:00pm)

This workshop covers what racism looks like in the workplace, and your role as a steward in challenging it.

SLS - Challenging sexism in the workplace
Oct 24, 2019 (9:00am-4:00pm)
Oct 25, 2019 (9:00am-1:00pm)

Reflect on sexism and its social and economic impact. Learn ways to challenge sexism in the workplace and protect members’ rights.

SLS - Representing gender and sexually diverse members
Oct 24, 2019 (9:00am-4:00pm)
Oct 25, 2019 (9:00am-1:00pm)

Homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia play out in our workplaces, locals, and communities. Learn how to challenge these kinds of discrimination, and respectfully represent gender and sexually diverse members in your workplace.

Oct 23, 2019

Union Centre
Room 103 - 275 Broadway
Winnipeg, Manitoba



Please bring your Steward Handbook and Steward Learning Series Passport.

Your registration is not final until payment is received. If payment is not received within 7 days, your seat will be released.

Please make cheques payable to: CUPE/SCFP
Mail payment to:
Annalyn Jimeno
Manitoba Regional Office
703-275 Broadway
Winnipeg, MB R3C 4M6

Please note that this workshop may be cancelled due to low registration or other reasons.

In response to the health concerns of our members and staff, CUPE has implemented a Scent-Free Policy at all of our workshops. Scented products such as hair spray, perfume and deodorant can trigger reactions such as respiratory distress and headaches. Facilitators and participants are asked to refrain from using scented products while attending our workshops and meetings. Thank you for your cooperation.

Annalyn (Annalyn) Jimeno

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