Dale Edmunds | CUPE Communications

A new law will force thousands of Manitoba’s health care workers into unnecessary and disruptive votes on union representation, creating uncertainty and stress in an already burdened workforce.

In May, the Pallister government proclaimed a new law that will reduce the number of health care bargaining units in the province by almost two thirds. Consequently, groups of health care workers—support workers, professional workers, nurses, doctors and community health workers—will each be forced to vote for a single union.

The move is a blatant attempt by the provincial government to pit union against union and distract the public from its harmful cuts and privatization agenda. 

The votes mean a major shift in union representation across Manitoba’s health care sector and will see many health care workers move to a new union. As the largest and strongest contender in some of the biggest votes, CUPE is well-positioned to become the union of choice.

CUPE is running a positive and issues-based campaign to inform our members about the benefits of being unionized with CUPE. In Manitoba, that means more than just local autonomy. CUPE members have the lowest dues and best collective agreements in Manitoba’s health care system. Our agreements include 20-minute paid breaks, more vacation days and better protection against government legislation allowing for cuts.

CUPE locals across Manitoba have been reaching out and talking directly to our members to make sure they know the importance of voting, and exactly what is at stake.

Whether it’s fighting conservative health care cuts or showing solidarity at the bargaining table, CUPE members know their union is there for them when they need it.