Crossing GuardWill the City of Longueuil allow its school crossing guards take a financial hit due to the teachers’ strike or will it follow Montreal’s example and continue paying them while the strike is on?

That is the question that approximately one hundred workers, who are already vulnerable, are asking themselves, as their wages have been cut in half due to the labour conflict between the Government of Quebec and its teachers. It is important to point out that the crossing guards’ contract, in the event of a strike, calls for compensation of two hours per strike day for a maximum of two consecutive days, which represents 50% of their four-hour shift.

The Longueuil police department, which the employees report to, will top up the collective agreement provision by paying them two hours for each strike day, regardless of how long the conflict goes on. However, this arrangement only applies to school crossing guards who have regular status. Those without this status are not covered by this adjustment and will not be receiving a cent.

“Several of our school crossing guards are thinking about resigning. Some, mostly those with replacement status who have no income, will have to find another job quickly. The city is already short-staffed. Who will take the place of those who decide to leave?” wonders Karine Laprise, president of SREM-CUPE 306, the union representing  amalgamated municipal employees.

The union deplores the lack of humanism shown by the City of Longueuil whose intransigence is worsening the job precarity of many school crossing guards. It is asking municipal officials to be caring as Montreal is by continuing to pay these employees for their full four-hour daily shift.

This request will not result in any additional expense to the City.