Using Excel, the CUPE electronic ledger automatically totals columns, inserts information needed for Treasurer’s reports, budget worksheets and the Trustees’ Audit Report.

The Jan-Dec ledger has been revised for 2017 with information worksheets added within the ledger that provides additional explanations and helpful tips. 

The Jan-Dec ledger that uses the budget feature has also been revised for 2017.  By entering amounts in the annual budget worksheet it automatically calculates the remaining amount of budget available in each account category on the monthly Treasurer’s report.  This feature will only work properly if the budget amounts are entered at the start of the fiscal year.  

Also NEW for 2017 is a six-month ledger that can be used for any six-month period, just enter the months you are reporting in the “BEGIN HERE” worksheet.

For locals that have a different fiscal period other than the Jan-Dec year can use the new twelve-month ledger.  Just enter the 12 months you are reporting in the “BEGIN HERE” worksheet.

For inquiries about the ledger, please send an email to