#EnsembleContreLeRacismeCUPE is proud to support the #UniteAgainstRacism campaign led by the Migrant Rights Network.

This Labour Day, unions and community groups are mobilizing to send a solid anti-racism message: we will not be divided by racism from anyone, whether from political parties or far-right extremists.

Fighting for labour rights and fighting against racism go hand in hand. Too often, people from racialized and marginalized communities find themselves in work that is precarious – meaning that the work is part-time or short-term, has low job security, or has unsafe working conditions. Immigrants and refugees are often blamed when wages go down – rather than exploitative employers and negligent governments. And for too long, the laws governing migrant workers have put them at risk of abuse. Thankfully, they are organizing and fighting back, an inspiration to us all. 

The #UniteAgainstRacism campaign is a great way for unions to put forward a shared vision for fairness for all – and to challenge the overt racism that is accelerating across Canada.

CUPE members are encouraged to take action by connecting #UniteAgainstRacism with Labour Day events.