The World Social Forum (WSF) is one of the largest global gatherings of civil society. It started in 2001 in Brazil, and brings together tens of thousands of activists with the intention of identifying solutions to the most important issues of our time affecting the economy, the environment, human and trade union rights, and democracy. 

This year the Forum is taking place in Montreal August 9-14, 2016. Labour and social movements are organizing themselves now to participate around one of the 13 themes. CUPE will be there.

This is the first year the Forum is taking place in the Global North. It is important for us to engage and to use the forum as an opportunity to network and strategize with activists from around the world.

The World Social Forum is an opportunity for CUPE to highlight and organize opposition to international trade and investment agreements such as CETA, TPP and TISA. 

We will focus on organizing efforts to oppose austerity and precarious work in Quebec and Canada.  We will pay special attention to our water and wastewater, and health care sectors where international trade and investment, changes to our waste water effluent regulations, boil water advisories in First Nations communities and new federal infrastructure funding are setting the stage for privatization in both indigenous and non-indigenous communities. 

CUPE supports the international water movement’s effort to organize a water justice space at the WSF, in addition to our participation in the official spaces dedicated to labour and international solidarity.

Please check the list of activities for information, or contact Kelti Cameron for more information about CUPE’s participation.