Jason Kenney’s education proposals would put tax dollars into the hands of elite private schools instead of public schools that benefit everyone. That was the message from CUPE Alberta President Marle Roberts today.

On the weekend, delegates to the United Conservative Party voted in favour of motions to increase government funding to private schools.

“Let’s get real. These are schools with tuition well out of range of regular Alberta families,” said Roberts. “Some of them are religious schools that won’t teach sex education and create hostile atmospheres for LGBT kids.

“These are not institutions that deserve tax dollars.”

Roberts said spending money on elite schools takes resources away from public schools that serve everyone, not just rich families. In other provinces, where the private school funding has been reduced, it has not shown an increase in students to the public system from the private schools because the rich still pay, they can afford the additional costs.

“If you can afford tuition of $15,000 per year, you don’t need taxpayer help to keep the tuition from going up to $20,000 or more,” said Roberts. “That money belongs to public schools, to school lunch programs, and to computers, desks and well-trained staff so our children can learn.

“Jason Kenney wants to make the rich even more privileged. And he wants us to pay for it.”