Rethink child careThe creation of a national child care program is the most important social program created since medicare. Child care is good for the economy and good for families. Thanks to Tom Mulcair and the NDP we can have this much needed program. 

The NDP will support or maintain the creation of one million new child care spaces within eight years. After eight years, the annual federal investment will have increased by 5 billion dollars. The first step, to be achieved within four years, is to fund 370,000 new affordable child care spaces with an annual investment of 1.9 billion dollars.

The Liberals announced an infrastructure program in August. They added a few words on child care near the end, which is their entire commitment on child care. Like the Conservatives, the Liberals want to continue a monthly hand-out instead of making quality child care available for all Canadians. 

The NDP is the only major party committed to more financial investment, more spaces, and more measures to have accountability for quality, affordability, and availability.