Today is the day when workers around the world take to the streets to commemorate the historic struggle for an eight‑hour workday, and to voice their demands for decent work and a life of dignity and respect. CUPE recognizes International Workers’ Day, or May Day, in solidarity with millions of workers around the world.

May 1st is a day to celebrate all workers who continue to struggle for genuine labour rights and economic justice. Workers are demanding the right to accessible, affordable healthcare, child care, education, to employment benefits and a pension, to safe working conditions and a living wage.

We draw inspiration from the courage of workers who risk their lives every day for these just demands. CUPE has been privileged to link arms with migrant workers in Canada, and with workers from Colombia, Nicaragua, Cuba, Haiti, South Korea, South Africa and the Philippines over the past year. These workers fight for their rights every day and hope that their children and grandchildren will benefit from their fight for safety in the workplace, for collective bargaining rights and the end to exploitation at work and in society.

We support workers’ right to social and economic security. We further assert our right in Canada to access a strong public sector, decent working conditions and democracy in our communities. The struggle for women’s rights, migrant rights, minority rights, the environment, a fair economy, and social and economic justice knows no borders.

This May 1st, we remain in solidarity with workers around the world.

Long Live International Solidarity!