CUPE Saskatchewan president Kent PetersonToday, members of Saskatchewan’s largest union – CUPE Saskatchewan – elected Kent Peterson as their new president.

“I want to thank my fellow CUPE members for their support. They know I will fight like hell for Saskatchewan workers,” said Kent Peterson, elected president of CUPE Saskatchewan. “Scott Moe has been cutting and selling-off public services for years. That’s why medical wait times are out of control. It is why kids don’t have enough EAs in school. It is why wages aren’t keeping up. The workers I represent have had enough.”

Peterson has served as secretary-treasurer of CUPE Saskatchewan since 2020. Peterson is committed to fighting for the 31,000 members of CUPE Saskatchewan who deliver public services in the health care, education, and municipal sectors. As president, he looks forward to the opportunities to improve the lives of workers by helping elect progressive candidates in this year’s school board, municipal, and provincial elections.

“Every worker in Saskatchewan has been shortchanged by Scott Moe. In this year’s elections, bigger pay cheques are on the ballot. Respect is on the ballot. Fixing the health care crisis is on the ballot,” added Peterson. “The gig is up for Scott Moe and bad bosses. We are mobilizing for change, and we will win.”

Delegates also elected secretary-treasurer Erin Auchstaetter for a two-year term.