As the striking Essex County Library workers prepare to return to mediation talks next Monday, the 58 ‘library warriors’ were greeted by CUPE National President, Mark Hancock, on the picket line on Thursday, August 4 in Essex County.
“Who says you are the ‘quiet ones,” asked Mark Hancock, CUPE National President, bringing greetings and solidarity on behalf of CUPE National and 639,000 members across Canada. “There is no shushing our library warriors – you are standing strong and united for a fair contract and your National union supports you every step of the way.”
“It is time for this employer to move off their sick time position so the strike can end and our members can go back to work so the libraries can be opened again,” continued Hancock.
Library patron Nancy Brown echoed Brother Hancock’s message and urged management to return to the table with the full intention to bargain and end the strike that is hurting the community. The workers have been on strike since June 25, closing all 14 libraries and cancelling all the summer programs prepared for the busy summer season.