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But what if they don’t?

In recent years, there’s been an exodus of staff from Family and Children’s Services of Lanark, Leeds, and Grenville. Dedicated, skilled workers with decades of experience are burning out. And new workers who’ve just entered the field with passion and enthusiasm to help families and communities are being chased out by unreasonable workloads.

All of this means fewer people providing the support families need and fewer people checking in and intervening early before a child is hurt.

While workers are struggling, management refuses to even acknowledge there is a problem. Indeed, when workers try and raise the challenges, their bosses punish them or simply shift the work elsewhere.

Vulnerable children depend on these workers. We need to support them.

Send a message to ministry directors and area MPPs. Tell them they need to properly fund services and get the employer back to the bargaining table. They need to stop the exodus of workers from the agency and ensure families get the quality of care they deserve. Tell them you are watching – and that you demand better.

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