The Trudeau government tabled Bill C‑59, the National Security Act, last June. They claimed it would fix the “problematic aspects” of Stephen Harper’s Bill C‑51 which undermined civil liberties in Canada. Bill C‑51 handed sweeping new powers to Canada’s spy and security agencies and broadened the definition of “security” in such a way that could criminalize peaceful protests.

Despite the Liberal government’s claims, their legislation does not fix the problems created by Bill C‑51. In fact, this new bill introduces serious new issues of its own. In April of this year, CUPE and 30 other organizations and individuals, released a statement outlining how the Bill threatens civil liberties. The letter calls for a rights-centric approach to national security.

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The International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group (ICLMG) breaks down Bill C‑59, explaining exactly what has and hasn’t changed in the government’s new Bill.

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